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Breaking: VICTORY for marriage recognition!!

We had to tell you first: a judge has just ruled in SAVE's favor in the federal marriage recognition lawsuit we filed with the ACLU of Florida.

We WON our case!!

Read the ruling HERE.


The ruling has already been stayed, meaning that any decision won't go into effect until a higher court rules. But today's decision means relief is finally in sight for thousands of gay and lesbian Floridians married out-of-state.


For a couple like Tom and Juan, it means that their baby son might finally get the protections afforded children of opposite-sex couples under the laws of Florida.

landsay_sarah_copy.pngFor a couple like Lindsay and Sarah, it means that they might finally get the access to employer-provided health insurance allowed to opposite-sex spouses through Lindsay's job.

The list goes on. And while the fight doesn't end today, it's a huge step closer to justice for married gay and lesbian Floridians.

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AG Bondi requests to put marriage cases on hold

bondi_no2.pngWe just learned the news that Attorney General Pam Bondi asked a Florida appeals court to put two marriage equality cases on hold until the U.S. Supreme Court rules on the issue.

Her reason: to save the taxpayers' money and resources.

Make no mistake -- this isn't about saving time or money. If she wanted to save money, Pam Bondi had the choice to end her crusade against marriage before it started.

No, this is about stall tactics. Attorney General Bondi knows that courts at all levels will rule in favor of equality, and she knows her actions will serve only to delay justice for LGBT familes.

The voters elected Bondi to defend justice for all Floridians. That she would seek instead to delay justice, wasting millions of taxpayer dollars in the process, is unacceptable.

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SAVE Action PAC endorses Crist for Governor


When it comes to winning equality for LGBT people, the path to victory is plain and simple: change hearts and minds.

That's why we're so proud to announce today SAVE Action PAC's endorsement of Charlie Crist for another term as Florida's governor.

Since his days supporting measures like the statewide ban on same-sex marriage, Governor Crist has come a long way. By 2010 he had boldly rejected the political risks and came out in favor of pro-equality policies like ENDA and the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

It’s stories like these about winning hearts and minds that continue to inspire activists all over the state. Because of our movement's hard work engaging the community, we changed Governor Crist's mind. He has responded by putting in the hard work to prove his support for LGBT people.

Changing hearts and minds isn’t easy, and it’s one thing to say you’ve changed your mind, but entirely another to take concrete actions.

The Governor has put actions behind his words by announcing his support for marriage equality for all Floridians, including filing a friend-of-the-court brief on behalf of the gay and lesbian couples in the Miami-Dade Marriage Equality Lawsuit, and by promising executive action on equality on day one of his term.

Meanwhile, the current Governor, refuses to address questions on LGBT issues. Even worse, he publicly supports Attorney General Pam Bondi's crusade against marriage equality in court.

The choice is clear: Charlie Crist is the pro-equality candidate in the race. We hope you'll join SAVE in proudly supporting him on November 4.


Thank you for your support!

BREAKING: Broward judge rules for marriage equality!

Heather Brassner

SAVE is excited to report today that a Broward County judge has just ruled that Florida must recognize the civil union of Heather Brassner and Megan Lade, who married in Vermont.

Heather now lives in Broward with a new partner, but because Florida won’t recognize her prior union with ex-partner Megan, Heather can’t get a divorce, even though she moved on from that relationship years ago.

"We’ve been separated for four years,” said Heather to the Miami Herald. “I call it ‘the invisible string.’ It’s hard because you’ve moved on.”

We applaud Judge Cohen on his fair and principled reasoning in this ruling. If gay and lesbian Floridians are to be equal under the law, Florida should recognize their unions and allow them the same rights as opposite-sex spouses, including the right to divorce.

The ruling is the third in three weeks in Florida for marriage equality. SAVE and the ACLU of Florida hope to leverage today's momentum into a fourth pro-equality ruling in the coming days as we await a decision in our marriage recognition case pending before federal court. Learn more about the case HERE.

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BREAKING: Miami-Dade judge rules for marriage equality!


Today, we learned the amazing news that Circuit Court Judge Sarah Zabel has ruled that Miami-Dade County must honor marriage equality for same-sex couples. In response to the momentous decision, Executive Director Tony Lima had this to say:

I'm overjoyed that Judge Zabel has ruled on the side of the U.S. Constitution and on the side of equality for gay and lesbian Floridians. We congratulate the plaintiffs on their success and call on Attorney General Bondi to drop her appeal so that gay and lesbian couples can begin to marry in Miami-Dade. We are hopeful that we can leverage the positive momentum into a pro-equality ruling in SAVE & the ACLU's marriage recognition lawsuit being fought in federal court.

Attorney General Pam Bondi has already appealed the decision, which means that marriage equality won't arrive in Miami-Dade County at the very least until the appeals court issues a ruling, but still, it's excellent news. We're hopeful to achieve similar success in our own federal marriage recognition lawsuit being argued by the ACLU of Florida.

Rubio: I am the victim, not LGBT people


In remarks at Catholic University on Wednesday, Florida's junior senator Marco Rubio claimed to be the victim of "intolerance," boasting that, "before this speech is over, I will be attacked as someone who is a hater or a bigot or someone who is anti-gay."

Clearly, Senator Rubio wants to distract from the issues by alleging name-calling. But the issue here shouldn’t be made-up claims of name-calling, it should be Marco Rubio’s record in elective office, a record which is clearly anti-LGBT and anti-family.

We find it somewhat ironic that a politician with a consistently anti-family record like Marco Rubio could give a speech about supposed "family values," but this being the business of politics, we are not surprised.

Senator Rubio should drop this brand of small politics and stick to addressing the issues for the sake of Florida’s voters, instead of playing the victim to score political points.

The real victims are the countless LGBT families denied their rights, not a powerful senator with the backing of special interests.

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Board member Joe Falk receives Presidential nod

SAVE congratulates board member and former Chair Joe Falk on his appointment today by President Barack Obama as a member of the William Fulbright Scholarship Board.

Appointed by the President of the United States, the 12-member J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board was established by Congress to supervise the global Fulbright Program as authorized by the Fulbright-Hays Act of 1961. It meets quarterly in Washington, DC to supervise the prestigious Fulbright scholarship program.

In addition to serving for many years on SAVE's Board of Directors, including a stint as its Chair, Joe is an openly gay businessman and a member and prolific contributor to the local and national LGBT movements.

SAVE applauds President Obama on his strong record of LGBT appointments to his administration. We wish Joe the best of luck as he assumes the responsibilities of his new role.

SAVE Action PAC announces 2014 endorsements

SAVE Action PAC is pleased to announce its endorsements in local state legislative and judicial races in the upcoming elections.

These candidates aren't just great advocates for our community, but they're in it to win it as well. Come 2015, South Florida will count among its leaders many more who are proud to stand together with LGBT people.


daniella.pngDaniella Levine Cava
for Miami-Dade Co. Commission District 8

Vote Tuesday, August 26
Daniella has run a proudly pro-LGBT friendly campaign, and her experience in law and nonprofits makes her a great candidate for this seat.

rachel_glorioso.jpgRachel Glorioso Dooley
for County Court Judge in group 19
Vote Tuesday, August 26
Rachel is a former Assistant State Attorney with over 16 years of experience in court and advocating for minors and victims of sexual abuse.

alberto_milian.jpgAlberto Milian
for 11th Circuit Court Judge in group 27
Vote Tuesday, August 26
Alberto is an attorney specializing in Criminal Law and Law Enforcement Labor Relations with years of experience as a prosecutor.

martin_zilber.jpgMartin Zilber
for 11th Circuit Court Judge in group 58

Vote Tuesday, August 26
Is a private practice attorney with years of experience both in the business world and as an volunteer in the community.

fleur_lobree.jpgFleur Lobree
for 11th Circuit Court Judge in group 67

Vote Tuesday, August 26
Judge Lobree assumed the bench in 2013 and presided over civil, criminal and domestic violence cases as a county judge.

veronica_diaz.jpgVeronica Diaz
for 11th Circuit Court Judge in group 70

Vote Tuesday, August 26
As an Assistant City Attorney for 7 years, Veronica has been able to assist officials in shaping the landscape of the City.

kevin_Burns.jpgKevin Burns
for North Miami Mayor

Vote Tuesday, August 26
Kevin Burns served proudly out as the former Mayor of North Miami and has allied with SAVE in years past. We are proud to support his bid for another term and excited to work with him.

jose_javier_rodriguez.JPGJose Javier Rodriguez
for State House District 112

Vote Tuesday, November 4
Representative Rodriguez has established a track record in Tallahassee as a voice for taxpayers and for everyday working families, including LGBT families.

richardson.pngDavid Richardson
for State House District 113

Vote Tuesday, November 4
Since becoming Florida's first elected openly gay state legislator in 2012, Rep. Richardson has served as one of the LGBT community's strongest supporters.

daisy_baez.JPGDaisy J. Baez
for State House District 114

Vote Tuesday, November 4
Daisy is a healthcare industry veteran with years of executive experience. If elected, she is committed to supporting equality for all Floridians.

kionne_McGhee.pngKionne McGhee
for State House District 117

Vote Tuesday, November 4
Since his election in 2012, Representative McGhee has been an outspoken advocate for the most marginalized members of society, including LGBT people.


Ballot Measures
Vote Tuesday, November 4

YES on Amendment 1
Florida Water and Land Conservation Initiative

YES on Amendment 2
Florida Right to Medical Marijuana Initiative

NO on Amendment 3
Florida Prospective Judicial Vacancies

SAVE is proud to report that this slate of candidates was hand-picked by members of the local LGBT community. After a rigorous interview process, these are the candidates who most impressed our LGBT + allied panelists.

To find out if any of these pro-LGBT candidates are running in elections in your area, please visit There, you will be able to view a list of endorsements sorted by neighborhood.

DON'T FORGET! The next election is August 26.

The deadline to register to vote is NEXT MONDAY, July 28.

Print your registration here.




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