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SAVE Action PAC announces 2014 endorsements

SAVE Action PAC is pleased to announce its endorsements in local state legislative and judicial races in the upcoming elections.

These candidates aren't just great advocates for our community, but they're in it to win it as well. Come 2015, South Florida will count among its leaders many more who are proud to stand together with LGBT people.


daniella.pngDaniella Levine Cava
for Miami-Dade Co. Commission District 8

Vote Tuesday, August 26
Daniella has run a proudly pro-LGBT friendly campaign, and her experience in law and nonprofits makes her a great candidate for this seat.

rachel_glorioso.jpgRachel Glorioso Dooley
for County Court Judge in group 19
Vote Tuesday, August 26
Rachel is a former Assistant State Attorney with over 16 years of experience in court and advocating for minors and victims of sexual abuse.

alberto_milian.jpgAlberto Milian
for 11th Circuit Court Judge in group 27
Vote Tuesday, August 26
Alberto is an attorney specializing in Criminal Law and Law Enforcement Labor Relations with years of experience as a prosecutor.

martin_zilber.jpgMartin Zilber
for 11th Circuit Court Judge in group 58

Vote Tuesday, August 26
Is a private practice attorney with years of experience both in the business world and as an volunteer in the community.

fleur_lobree.jpgFleur Lobree
for 11th Circuit Court Judge in group 67

Vote Tuesday, August 26
Judge Lobree assumed the bench in 2013 and presided over civil, criminal and domestic violence cases as a county judge.

veronica_diaz.jpgVeronica Diaz
for 11th Circuit Court Judge in group 70

Vote Tuesday, August 26
As an Assistant City Attorney for 7 years, Veronica has been able to assist officials in shaping the landscape of the City.

kevin_Burns.jpgKevin Burns
for North Miami Mayor

Vote Tuesday, August 26
Kevin Burns served proudly out as the former Mayor of North Miami and has allied with SAVE in years past. We are proud to support his bid for another term and excited to work with him.

jose_javier_rodriguez.JPGJose Javier Rodriguez
for State House District 112

Vote Tuesday, November 4
Representative Rodriguez has established a track record in Tallahassee as a voice for taxpayers and for everyday working families, including LGBT families.

richardson.pngDavid Richardson
for State House District 113

Vote Tuesday, November 4
Since becoming Florida's first elected openly gay state legislator in 2012, Rep. Richardson has served as one of the LGBT community's strongest supporters.

daisy_baez.JPGDaisy J. Baez
for State House District 114

Vote Tuesday, November 4
Daisy is a healthcare industry veteran with years of executive experience. If elected, she is committed to supporting equality for all Floridians.

kionne_McGhee.pngKionne McGhee
for State House District 117

Vote Tuesday, November 4
Since his election in 2012, Representative McGhee has been an outspoken advocate for the most marginalized members of society, including LGBT people.


Ballot Measures
Vote Tuesday, November 4

YES on Amendment 1
Florida Water and Land Conservation Initiative

YES on Amendment 2
Florida Right to Medical Marijuana Initiative

NO on Amendment 3
Florida Prospective Judicial Vacancies

SAVE is proud to report that this slate of candidates was hand-picked by members of the local LGBT community. After a rigorous interview process, these are the candidates who most impressed our LGBT + allied panelists.

To find out if any of these pro-LGBT candidates are running in elections in your area, please visit There, you will be able to view a list of endorsements sorted by neighborhood.

DON'T FORGET! The next election is August 26.

The deadline to register to vote is NEXT MONDAY, July 28.

Print your registration here.




Bell: I don't support safeguards for "sexual orientation"

SAVE condemned comments at Monday night's Kendall Federation candidates' forum from District 8 County Commissioner Lynda Bell that the proposal to protect Miami-Dade County residents from discrimination is about "lawsuits."

"The ordinance that was brought up...was sexual orientation and sexual preference, and that went way beyond anything that already exists on the books," claimed Bell, referring to her 2013 vote against the proposal. "We would have a problem and I was worried more about lawsuits than anything else."

Of course, Bell's claim was wrong, referencing two phrases, "sexual orientation" and "sexual preference," which didn't appear in the proposal. If opposing protections on the basis of sexual orientation was bad enough, she also claims that transgender protections exist, which is simply false.

What's most troubling is that Lynda Bell says she is more concerned with lawsuits than achieving full equal protections for Miami-Dade residents. It's why SAVE continues to work with Bell's fellow Miami-Dade leaders to achieve full protections, and it's yet another example of why District 8 residents deserves a pro-equality commissioner.

Earlier this year, SAVE Action PAC endorsed Bell's opponent Daniella Levine Cava in the election for the District 8 seat, which takes place on August 26.

Levine Cava is a local community activist and longtime Miami-Dade resident who has come out strongly in support of the nondiscrimination proposal Bell opposed in 2013, in addition to her support for the lawsuits aimed at overturning discriminatory measures banning same-sex marriage.

Daniella will need everyone's help to win on August 26!
Help keep our proudly pro-LGBT campaign alive
by chipping in $25 or volunteering today.

State Rep. David Richardson wins re-election!

Today, we found out that the challenger to 2014 SAVE Action PAC endorsee and Champion of Equality, State Representative David Richardson, has dropped out of been disqualified from the race.

This means that Richardson will run unopposed for re-election as the representative of Florida's 113th State House district this year. Effectively, Rep. Richardson has already won his race!

SAVE is proud to congratulate Rep. Richardson, who the organization endorsed in 2012 and went on to win election as Florida's first elected openly LGBT legislator in Tallahassee.

In its endorsement of Richardson earlier this year, SAVE pointed to Richardson's success in securing funding for LGBTQ homeless youth programs, as well as his support for changes that added protections for LGBT children and teenagers in the state foster care system.

By standing with Rep. Richardson, we sent the naysayers the message that TOGETHER the LGBT community will make its voice heard. Help SAVE support more pro-equality candidates like Rep. Richardson -- give $20 today.

SAVE Action PAC's endorsement of David Richardson was the first of what will be many issued by SAVE during the 2014 election season. To find out more about our 2014 effort and to see a list of endorsed candidates, visit

Human rights groups rally for marriage in Florida

This Saturday, SAVE, Equality Florida, the ACLU of Florida, and the National Center for Lesbian Rights gathered with about 100 supporters of equality for a Countdown to Marriage Rally at Miami Beach's LGBT Visitor Center.

At the rally, plaintiff and former SAVE board member Juan del Hierro spoke about why he decided to sue the state of Florida for recognition of his marriage to his husband Tom Gantt, which was performed in Washington, DC:

SAVE board member and co-founder Damian Pardo also spoke at the rally, touching on the need for volunteers to help work towards change, issues of intersectionality between social justice movements, and the history of the fight for LGBT equality:

Ft. Lauderdale commission approves marriage resolution


In a symbolic move Tuesday evening, the Ft. Lauderdale City Commission approved by a vote of 3-2 a marriage equality resolution supporting statewide action to legalize same-sex marriage.

"If we're truly going to be an All-America city, we have to be a city for all Americans," said Commissioner Dean Trantalis, referring to an award the city recently won.

The measure wasn't without its opponents. Notably, on the record against the measure were Ft. Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler and Vice Mayor Romney Rogers, who as voting members of the Commission cast the two 'no' votes.

Speaking before the vote, Vice Mayor Rogers claimed that he didn't serve as vice-mayor "to be on the right side of history." Other speakers claimed that the nonbinding resolution would lead to polygamy and incest.

In the end, supporters outnumbered opponents of equality on the commission. SAVE is proud to thank Commissioners Roberts, Trantalis, and DuBose for their votes in favor of marriage equality for South Floridians this Pride Month.


U.S. Senate confirms Darrin Gayles

Today the U.S. Senate confirmed Darrin Gayles as a judge for the Southern District of Florida, the first time an openly gay African American will serve on the federal bench.

One of SAVE’s missions is to place pro-equality leaders in all levels and branches of government. You might remember that SAVE had been pushing for a confirmation vote after a failure by Florida's Senator Marco Rubio to file procedural paperwork stopped the nomination of William Thomas, another gay African-American judge.

Judge Gayles’ confirmation is a huge step forward not only for our mission in South Florida but also for our nation as a whole. I commend the President for his selection of such a qualified jurist like Judge Gayles, and I also commend the U.S. Senate for ratifying his nomination.

Obama issues executive order on employment discrimination

Today, the Obama administration issued an Executive Order banning employment discrimination by federal contractors on the basis of sexual orientation or gender expression.

This order will protect more than a million LGBT Americans employed by companies doing work for the federal government.

SAVE strongly agrees with the President's position that "all Americans, LGBT or not, should be treated with dignity and respect." However, while it's a huge step, in the 29 states like Florida with no workplace protections for LGBT workers, only those working for businesses doing work for the federal government will benefit from the order.

Stand TOGETHER with SAVE as we fight for protections from discrimination for ALL Floridian workers. Sign the petition today!

Until all South Floridian workers are protected, we will continue to advocate for all-inclusive anti-discrimination policies like the proposed update to Miami-Dade County’s Human Rights Ordinance, the Florida Competitive Workforce Act under consideration in the state legislature, and the Employee Non-Discrimination Act currently before the U.S. Congress.

The President’s action serves as an example to the states and municipalities where discrimination remains legal. In those places, like Miami-Dade County, the reality will persist that L, G, B, or T employees of businesses not contracting with the federal government will continue to have no legal recourse against discrimination.

Please stand TOGETHER with SAVE this critical election year to ensure protections from discrimination for ALL Floridian workers. Add your name now!

P.S. -- Already signed? Want to take the next step? DONATE or VOLUNTEER today!

AG Bondi: marriage equality doesn't cause "public harm"!

"Significant public harm."

That's what Florida's Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi say will happen when we achieve marriage equality in Florida.

We need your help now more than ever to double down our efforts to win the battle this year.

Donate $25 NOW to help fight this outrageous attack on Florida's LGBT community.

SAVE and the ACLU of Florida have challenged Florida’s refusal to recognize the marriages of same-sex couples performed out of state. We'll need all the help we can get to win the rights we deserve. For more information, go to


When my husband Tom and I sued alongside SAVE for recognition of our marriage from our home state of Florida, we also did it for our son Lucas.

That's why it hurt to hear that Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi wrote that her and Governor Rick Scott's opposition to marriage equality is about making sure kids are "raised by...mothers and fathers" in "stable and enduring family units."

Attorney General Bondi: the right way to raise a family is with love. Same sex parents are equally capable of raising families. And after 6 years together, we are a stable family unit. 

Help SAVE fight the attacks on LGBT families like mine. Please donate today.

SAVE stands at the forefront of securing the rights we deserve. Click here to read more about their #SAVEMarriage initiative.

Thank you for your support,

Juan del Hierro,
for SAVE

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