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Miami-Dade Commission capitulates on Trump 'sanctuary cities' order


Instead of using the tools at their disposal to resist, the Miami-Dade County Commission, following the lead of Mayor Carlos Gimenez, just voted to capitulate to President Donald Trump's unconstitutional and un-American order on sanctuary cities.

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100+ turn out for SAVE townhall with local LGBTQ community


Yesterday, more than 100 supporters of SAVE turned out for our groundbreaking LGBTQ community townhall. They came with comments and concerns about politics and policy, and local leaders, litigators and officeholders were present to to answer any questions they had.

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Conversion therapy ban moves forward in North Bay Village


At the urging of SAVE, the North Bay Village Commission has voted to move forward a ban on the abusive practice of so-called conversion therapy within village borders!

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Conversion therapy banned in El Portal; Statewide ban introduced


In the wake of this weekend's massive protests, we're hitting the ground running in the fight to defend LGBTQ equality.

We're so proud to announce that yesterday, at the urging of SAVE, the El Portal Village Council voted unanimously to BAN the abusive practice of so-called "conversion therapy" within village borders!

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On November 9th, SAVE promised that despite the rise of Donald Trump, we would mount an all-out fight to keep Florida moving forward on LGBTQ equality.

We have committed to set aside $100,000 to shore up programs with proven results in futhering LGBTQ equality, including:

Fighting for the Florida Competitive Workforce Act (FCWA) after the employment nondiscrimination measure's historic passage out of committee in the State Senate

Fighting to end abusive “conversion therapy” -- seizing the momentum of last year’s bans in the City of Miami and other South Florida cities

Fighting attacks on healthcare for LGBTQ Americans that would revoke affordable coverage and access to lifesaving care for diseases like HIV/AIDS

Fighting criminalization of HIV+ status by overturning laws that force those living with HIV/AIDS into the shadows

Diversifying the judiciary by supporting pro-equality nominees for the bench at all levels

Scaling up our prejudice reduction program to engage thousands to contact their elected officials and join direct democracy actions

2017 presents a huge opportunity to lay the groundwork to win back Florida – and SAVE knows how to win here, backing up 14 pro-equality winners at the local level in 2016.

In honor of our 45th President's inauguration, will you pitch in $45, $450 or more so we can make our budget in 2017? >>

With your help, SAVE is fighting to keep Florida moving forward. Thank you for your support.

Miami Beach Creates ‘Safe Place’ Initiative for LGBTQ Community


SAVE Executive Director Tony Lima speaks in favor of Miami Beach's Safe Space proposal, which passed Wednesday, January 11, 2017.

According to data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are the most likely targets of hate crimes in America. Committed to protecting its most vulnerable populations, Miami Beach is launching a “Safe Space” program for business and organizations in the city to demonstrate their commitment to the safety and equal treatment of its LGBTQ residents and visitors.

A Miami Beach business or organization desiring to designate itself as a Safe Space may register with the Miami Beach Police Department and obtain a Safe Space decal to post as a symbol of safety (image below).

“We hope this program provides members of the LGBTQ community with safe places throughout Miami Beach that they can turn to if they are the victims of harassment or crime,” said Commissioner Michael Grieco. “Any individual who seeks solace in a Safe Space location can be assured that if they are the victim of a crime, police will promptly be called.”

In order to register as a Safe Space, a business or other organization must agree to the following terms: post the Safe Space decal outside the front entrance of the establishment; allow victims of LGBTQ-based harassment or crime to enter and remain at the establishment until the police arrive; and call or assist LGBTQ victims in calling 911.

“While Miami Beach is certainly one of the most progressive cities in the United States, the potential for crime and discrimination against LGBTQ residents and visitors still exists,” added Tony Lima, executive director of SAVE, recognized as South Florida’s leading organization dedicated to protecting people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender against discrimination. “We applaud the city’s efforts in promoting, protecting and defending equality for all.”


Conversion therapy in Trump's America


At SAVE, we're proud to stand as the first line of defense for South Florida's LGBTQ community. But we'd be lying if we said we weren't scared for the fight ahead.

The unthinkable happened and Donald Trump won the presidency. Mike Pence, who favors twisted and abusive anti-LGBTQ conversion therapy, will be our vice president.

We must stand and fight, or else lose everything. Please give $50, $500 or whatever you can so your local LGBTQ advocate can fight for you to the very end. >>

We'll keep fighting tooth and nail to ban conversion therapy. The results prove we know how -- we did it in Miami, Miami Beach, Wilton Manors, and North Bay Village.

Mike Pence made his name as the Indiana governor who crusaded to legalize discrimination against popular revolt. With President Trump's ear, we shudder to think about his aims for LGBTQ Americans.

Give $50, $500 or whatever you can so your local LGBTQ advocate can fight to keep our future from slipping away under President Trump. >>

Mike Pence and the Trump administration have promised nothing less than an all-out assault on our rights. There has never been a more urgent time for you to show your support.

Thank you for standing with us.

The fight begins anew

We are all very disappointed today. Donald Trump will be our next president. We congratulate his campaign on its hard fought win, although of course we would have wished for a different result.

We thank Secretary Hillary Clinton for her valiant run for the presidency and for her decades of advocacy on behalf of LGBTQ Americans. Our country will be better because of it.

We congratulate SAVE-recommended candidates Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, as well as SAVE Action PAC-recommended candidates Mayor Carlos Gimenez, State Senator-elect Jose Javier Rodriguez, State Rep.-elect Daisy Baez, State Senator Rene Garcia, State Rep. Holly Raschein, State Rep. David Richardson, North Bay Village Mayor Connie Leon-Kreps, Clerk of Courts Harvey Ruvin, Wilton Manors Mayor Gary Resnick, and Wilton Manors Commissioners Tom Green and Julie Carson on their pro-equality wins last night! It was a huge win at the local level all-around! We also wish Robert Asencio good luck in his recount in HD 118, where he leads.

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