On November 9th, SAVE promised that despite the rise of Donald Trump, we would mount an all-out fight to keep Florida moving forward on LGBTQ equality.

We have committed to set aside $100,000 to shore up programs with proven results in futhering LGBTQ equality, including:

Fighting for the Florida Competitive Workforce Act (FCWA) after the employment nondiscrimination measure's historic passage out of committee in the State Senate

Fighting to end abusive “conversion therapy” -- seizing the momentum of last year’s bans in the City of Miami and other South Florida cities

Fighting attacks on healthcare for LGBTQ Americans that would revoke affordable coverage and access to lifesaving care for diseases like HIV/AIDS

Fighting criminalization of HIV+ status by overturning laws that force those living with HIV/AIDS into the shadows

Diversifying the judiciary by supporting pro-equality nominees for the bench at all levels

Scaling up our prejudice reduction program to engage thousands to contact their elected officials and join direct democracy actions

2017 presents a huge opportunity to lay the groundwork to win back Florida – and SAVE knows how to win here, backing up 14 pro-equality winners at the local level in 2016.

In honor of our 45th President's inauguration, will you pitch in $45, $450 or more so we can make our budget in 2017? >>

With your help, SAVE is fighting to keep Florida moving forward. Thank you for your support.

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