All-inclusive HRO moves forward!

We wanted to break the news to you first: the Miami-Dade County Commission has just voted to move forward on an update to the countywide Human Rights Ordinance that would add nondiscrimination protections for transgender and gender-nonconforming people!

Thank you to Commissioners Sally Heyman, Audrey Edmonson, and Bruno Barreiro for standing up and voting for equality! And thanks to everyone who joined us today!

Now, the proposal goes to the full 13-member Commission for a FINAL VOTE on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 2

RSVP for the hearing here. >>

This is a critically needed update. Right now, it is legal to fire someone in Miami-Dade County just because they are transgender or gender nonconforming.

Opponents bussed in more than 200 speakers from across the state to intimidate the Commission.
 But desipte being frustratingly outnumbered, our argument in favor of equality for all won the day. Without a stronger show of support next time, their scare tactics might succeed.

That's why we need YOU to join us ONE LAST TIME at the County Commission chamber on December 2! Click here to RSVP. >

This is the most important fight to affect South Florida's LGBT community in many years. The vote will go down to the wire. We must make sure the voting Commissioners hear our voices. On December 2nd, more than ever before, we need you to join us and make your voice heard. Please join us. >>

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