Announcing Miami-Dade TransEquality!

SAVE Dade is pleased to announce the launch of the Miami-Dade TransEquality campaign to pass a trans-inclusive amendment to the countywide Human Rights Ordinance.  With the support of the public and the right amount of pressure on our elected officials, we believe we can achieve passage of a trans-inclusive Human Rights Ordinance by the Miami-Dade County Commission.

Why is this important? Because while the Human Rights Ordinance as it stands offers bedrock protections to certain marginalized groups in our South Florida society, including the LGB communities, it conspicuously omits transgender individuals as a protected class.  This means that while it may be illegal in Miami-Dade County to discriminate against individuals in matters such as employment when it comes to sexual preference, it remains perfectly legal to discriminate on the basis of gender expression.  In essence, you can be fired for being trans, denied housing for being trans, refused services for being trans, or just plain mistreated for being trans, and it's all perfectly legal.

We here at SAVE Dade think that it's about time that we do something to stop the injustice under which our trans brothers and sisters suffer.  Trans rights are human rights, and the existing Human Rights Ordinance needs an overhaul to reflect this basic fact.

On this mini-site, you will be able to find stories about what it's like to be trans, graphics illustrating the disadvantages the trans community faces, and news about the Miami-Dade TransEquality campaign and the trans rights movement in general.  Look for new content going forward, as the site will be updated continuously up through the Health & Social Services Committee vote on July 8th, and if all goes according to plan, continuing through to the final vote by the full commission in September.

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @SAVETransEqual and to like SAVE Dade's page on Facebook for the latest on the Miami-Dade TransEquality campaign!

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