Bay Harbor Islands Approves Equality Ordinance

SAVE Dade is pleased to announce a major victory in the Town of Bay Harbor Islands. Last week, the Town Council unanimously passed a Domestic Partnership Ordinance on second reading that would guarantee Town employees who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) the same rights and benefits as all other city employees.

“Bay Harbor's Town Council took a bold step today for equality acknowledging that equal benefits for equal work is a core value in their community,” said SAVE Dade Executive Director CJ Ortuño.

The passage comes after Vice Mayor Jordan W. Leonard approached SAVE Dade when he realized Bay Harbor did not offer these benefits to its gay and lesbian employees he knows are working for the city today. “With a minimal fiscal impact, this ordinance will make our Town more competitive and fairer in retaining and recruiting the highest quality of employees, regardless of their personal sexual orientation.  I am proud to have sponsored such legislation," said Vice Mayor Jordan W. Leonard.

SAVE Dade assisted the Vice Mayor with the ordinance’s language and helped explain the financial impact of the proposed bill. “Many people don’t realize that these benefits don’t cost the Town much, since gay and lesbian relationships are not recognized by our federal or state government; and that the ordinance simply allows for the ability to put their loved one on their health insurance,” said Ortuño.

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