BREAKING: Miami-Dade judge rules for marriage equality!


Today, we learned the amazing news that Circuit Court Judge Sarah Zabel has ruled that Miami-Dade County must honor marriage equality for same-sex couples. In response to the momentous decision, Executive Director Tony Lima had this to say:

I'm overjoyed that Judge Zabel has ruled on the side of the U.S. Constitution and on the side of equality for gay and lesbian Floridians. We congratulate the plaintiffs on their success and call on Attorney General Bondi to drop her appeal so that gay and lesbian couples can begin to marry in Miami-Dade. We are hopeful that we can leverage the positive momentum into a pro-equality ruling in SAVE & the ACLU's marriage recognition lawsuit being fought in federal court.

Attorney General Pam Bondi has already appealed the decision, which means that marriage equality won't arrive in Miami-Dade County at the very least until the appeals court issues a ruling, but still, it's excellent news. We're hopeful to achieve similar success in our own federal marriage recognition lawsuit being argued by the ACLU of Florida.

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