California Governor Jerry Brown signs law protecting trans students

jerrybrown.jpgToday the state of California made history by becoming the first state with laws on the books protecting transgender students from discrimination in public schools. 

The School Success and Opportunity Act, which will take effect on January 1, 2014, requires California public schools to respect students’ gender identities. It also ensures that all students can use the appropriate facilities and participate in sports teams and extracurricular activities.

The proposal, which passed the California General Assembly in early July, faced heavy lobbying from both proponents and opponents of the bill. LGBT groups were quick to praise Governor Brown for his action to ensure equality for trans students in California public schools.

“I am so proud of this state and its leaders,” said Transgender Law Center Executive Director Masen Davis. “I extend our deepest gratitude to the Governor, Assembly and Senate for the passage and signing of this bill.”

The signing of the bill comes on the heels of a groundbreaking agreement between California’s Arcadia School District and the U.S. Department of Justice ensuring equal treatment and access to facilities for transgender students. The new law effectively extends the terms of that particular agreement to all school districts in California.

SAVE Dade is excited about the developments in California. We hope that the progress made there helps galvanize support for passage of an all-inclusive Human Rights Ordinance by the County Commission.

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