Congresswoman Wilson supports repealing DOMA

From the office of Congresswoman Frederica Wilson:

Congresswoman Frederica Wilson is a steadfast advocate for the LGBT community and views LGBT rights as a civil right battle of our time.  She is a Congressional co-sponsor of both the bill to repeal DOMA and the Uniting Families Act and has been recognized by Human Rights Campaign and SAVE Dade as a strong supporter of marriage equality.

Congresswoman Frederica Wilson supports the Supreme Court amicus brief arguing for immediate invalidation of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Due to a technical error, Congresswoman Wilson and other offices did not have the opportunity to sign the brief prior to its release last week. As a firm opponent of DOMA, she has formally requested to be added to the list of signatories of the brief.

U.S. Rep. Frederica S. Wilson is a second-term Congresswoman from Florida representing parts of Northern Miami-Dade and Southeast Broward counties. A former state legislator and school principal, she is the founder of the 5000 Role Models for Excellence Project, a mentoring program for young males at risk of dropping out of school.

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