Doral to vote down same-sex benefits?

^ Opposition junk mail hate flyer.

Can you believe it? Last month, the City Council of Doral in northwest Miami-Dade agreed to extend benefits to domestic partners of city employees and next week they will be voting on adopting the measure in their city code. This is a bold step in the direction of inclusion and equality.

Because of Florida's discriminatory ban on same-sex marriage, the only option for many committed gay and lesbian Florida couples is to enter domestic partnerships, which SAVE worked to legalize in Miami-Dade County.

Westboro church-style hate groups have promised to show up at the City Council on Wednesday to cause a scene and to intimidate officials and supporters of the measure.

They think they can drown out our voices with anger, but it won't work. As long as we show up too, our leaders will know that the majority supports LGBT equality.

Will you join us Wednesday as we rally to counter the hate with a positive message of equality and inclusion for Doral?

Only by standing TOGETHER will we make sure that the leaders of Doral know that support for LGBT equality is a winning position with voters. Please join us.

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