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Click here to read about our inauguration of the Equality Network with Congressman Carlos Curbelo and marketing executive Mike Valdes-Fauli.

We, the undersigned Miami-Dade County businesses, express our strong support for SAVE's Equality Network of local businesses in favor of workplace equality. Local businesses play an important role in our economy and in our communities. 

As a local business enterprise we stand behind equality for all, including people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. The values of equality are good for business and creates an environment of fairness and inclusion which helps our business thrive.

We support any proposal that furthers full equality for all Floridians.  Currently, there is no non-discrimination law that protects lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people from discrimination in employment. Passing this type of legislation would ensure that everyone is treated with dignity and respect, help Florida companies attract the best and brightest employees and enhance the state's reputation as an open and inclusive world business center.

As a member of the small business community we agree that non-discrimination policies help us as business owners recruit and retain top talent and helps our businesses create a welcoming environment for customers and clients.

We proudly sign on to SAVE’s Equality Network and support making Florida businesses competitive in the global marketplace.




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