Executive Director letter - January 2014

It’s always been my dream to work towards social justice like I have the opportunity to do here in my position at SAVE. As a gay man, I’ve seen the struggle firsthand. But what I’ve seen in my time here at SAVE is that when we come together to fight for what’s right, we accomplish great things. As a member of the community I might benefit in the end, but it’s just not my campaign. It’s your movement.

Together we’ve racked up an impressive list of achievements over the past year. Nationally, we overturned discriminatory laws like the DOMA and Prop 8. At the local level we passed tax equity for benefits for Miami Beach employees in domestic partnerships and brought together the faith community for a groundbreaking rally in support of human rights.

It wouldn’t have been possible without your volunteer hours and donations. However, there’s still lots of work to be done. As you may know, in the months ahead SAVE has vowed to pass an all-inclusive Human Rights Ordinance that protects everyone, including the transgender community.

We’ll need your help to cement another 20 years of progress on behalf of equality. Please consider making a commitment to SAVE today.

Click here to read about where we've gone over the last 20 years and how we're moving forward!

With gratitude,


Tony Lima, Executive Director, SAVE Dade
[email protected]

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