We need your help. We have a $50,000 matching donation to keep fighting.

This is a tough time for all. Nonprofits throughout the world are going to take an unprecedented financial hit. With the postponement of SAVE’s Champions of Equality Awards and other community events like Miami Beach Pride, these are opportunities lost in connecting with our LGBTQ community and allies.

Without these events, we are challenged to continue our fundraising efforts while maintaining our focus on our mission to promote, protect and defend equality for people in South Florida who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender.

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Elections matter

We need leadership in public office, and we will continue our focus on electing pro-equality candidates to ensure our community is protected in public policy. Already we are looking for ways to do our work in innovative ways without losing our focus on what is at stake this year.   

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Triple your contribution

Through the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, we receive a dollar for dollar matching donation. Thankfully, we have a donor that has pledged an additional $50,000. But we can only get this if we are able to raise an equal amount from the community by April 15th.

Want to see your charitable donation to SAVE tripled? Your donation of $25 turns into $75, a $100 gift triples into $300, and a $1,000 donation morphs into $3,000 to help SAVE continue its work at a time when all nonprofits are going to be hit hard during this crisis.

Through the AIDS Health Care Foundation’s Florida AIDS Walk, we are receiving 1:1 matches and right now we have a challenge from a donor who will match all contributions up to an additional $50,000. But we need your help to secure this pledge.

Here’s where we are:
March 23: $50,515
April 15 goal: $100,515

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Throughout this period, we will continue to send updates on the status of this campaign. We will also provide opportunities to hear from community leaders through Zoom/Facebook Live town halls.  If you have thoughts about topics you’d like to hear about, please let us know.

Yours in service,

Orlando Gonzales
Executive Director, SAVE

P.S. The Florida AIDS Walk event has been indefinitely postponed until further notice to a date when it is safe for public gatherings to reconvene. We appreciate that the AIDS Healthcare Foundation has remained committed to supporting the nonprofit organizations benefiting from the fundraising efforts.

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