Transgender discrimination bill filed in Florida House


Today, we learned that State Representative Frank Artiles of Miami-Dade County (pictured above) has filed a misguided bill that targets transgender Floridians by preventing access to facilities in public spaces.

House Bill 583 would also force businesses to discriminate against their own employees and customers, and invalidate nondiscrimination policies that already exist on the local level, like the one SAVE helped pass in Miami-Dade County last December.

The reality is that these protections for transgender people have been enacted in 17 states and over 200 municipalities, without any increase in public safety incidences. These laws have been implemented successfully to do what they are meant to do: to ensure dignity and respect for everyone.

The proposal is absurd and hurtful. It aims to undercut our recent advances towards full equality, and creates massive barriers to using the facilities that we know fit our bodies.

We welcome the opportunity to educate elected officials as we continue to work for full statewide equality. We will hold firm and continue our prejudice reduction work despite these attempts to halt our progress.

Join us on Saturday, February 21 as we continue to change hearts and minds to reduce transphobia in South Florida. RSVP here. >>

Date: Saturday, February 21
Time: 10am-3pm
Action: #TeamEquality Prejudice Reduction Door-to-door Canvass
Place: FIU South Campus (MMC), at Graham Center in room GC140




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