On homophobia from Miami Dolphins player Mike Wallace


In reference to homophobic statements made via Twitter by Miami Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace, SAVE Dade issued this statement:

It is a sad moment and a huge disappointment for Miami-Dade residents and fans that Miami Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace makes such a homophobic statement on the day a fellow professional athlete, NBA player Jason Collins, shows such inspiration and strength with his personal story. It's time for the hateful speech and bigotry to stop - and we hope that the Miami Dolphins issue an apology to our residents and the broader South Florida community.

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  • Ryan Vancol
    commented 2013-04-29 17:06:51 -0400
    @ Giovanni L.
    What Mike Wallace is expressing is intolerance for another person’s orientation, which is bigotry. If he were to make disparaging remarks about another group of people, wouldn’t that be considered bigotry/hate speech? There was no logical reason for him to judge Jason Collins’ sexual orientation, so why did he feel that he needed to make that comment? Also, he is a professional athlete who has influence. He is an extension of an organization where there are other gay men afraid to come out of the closet because of hateful comments like what Mike Wallace said.

    I also do not see this as a lighthearted joke. I don’t see any LOL or j/k anywhere along with his statement. As a black gay man, I know how the black community feels about homosexuality. It is my speculation that Mike Wallace’s comments were made to disparage gay athletes. Absolutely unacceptable.
  • Mads Madsen
    commented 2013-04-29 16:07:52 -0400
    He’s not ‘making such a homophobic statement.’.

    That is a silly thing to say, SAVEDade, a very silly thing to say. I am a homosexual and I feel no anger or hatred in his statement, and it’s only him being a teeny bit ignorant, nothing more. We shouldn’t raise the pitchforks and try and get this guy thrown off the team, or stop bigotry and hate speech that isn’t there.

    If this is hateful speech, I don’t know what I’ve been a victim of in the past, this is nothing to get excited about, it’s him making a lighthearted joke more than anything.
  • Giovanni Lugo
    commented 2013-04-29 15:39:53 -0400
    What is sad is that this is being called bigotry and hate speech. For an under-educated football player he is expressing his views in a very respectful and non-vulgar manner. Just as I believe in Jason Collin’s right to publicly express himself, I feel that Mike Wallace has the right to express himself as well, so long as he is not doing so in a vulgar/attacking/ or hateful manner.
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