July Executive Director Letter

JoeFalk.jpgSummer 2013 is a time of great opportunity and activity for SAVE Dade and we are up to the challenge!

We are all sad to see our former Executive Director C. J. Ortuno leave us. He was a great leader in Miami and he will be missed. Here is the good news. CJ will stay actively involved in the Miami community and more specifically, our work at SAVE. It goes without saying that I have been on the phone with him every day, making sure our work continues. He has taken on a big job in New York and we wish him well. Miami’s loss is New York’s gain. Congratulations, CJ.

Since I took over for CJ as interim director, I am so very pleased with the energy and enthusiasm of the staff. Everyone is working hard on important projects and we are poised for success.

This month is particularly important for us. SAVE has been working for over a year on adding important language to the Dade County Human Rights Ordinance (HRO). Adding gender identity and expression to existing important protections is vital to our community. Unfortunately, our opponents have started a negative campaign, spreading rumors and inaccurate information. We are fighting back. An impressive group of people and organizations are working together to ensure passage of the ordinance.  Will you help us? You have already received emails asking you to sign our petition, call the commissioners and volunteer. Please take the time and do it. Only we can ensure the rights of our community. We will win but we need to work together. I would also like to thank our ally organizations for being full dedicated partners in this effort.

Elections are coming in November. We are aggressively planning an ‘all out’ effort to elect our recommended slate. If you would like to participate in the volunteer candidate endorsement panels, please call the office and volunteer. Come November, we all need to get out and vote. As you have heard us say over and over again, ‘who wins matters’. Our elected officials matter.  The policies and procedures that govern us matter (like our current effort to add protections to our HRO)!

Planning for our fall Halloween extravaganza is well under way. Tony Lima, our fantastic volunteer chairman is working hard to create a memorable event. Thank you to our army of volunteers who are working very hard to ensure success.

A special thank you to our Board Chairman Brian Adler. He and the Board are committed to SAVE’s success and they are hard at work finding a new executive director for us.

Thank you for your continued support.

Joe Falk
Acting Executive Director

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