Bell: I don't support safeguards for "sexual orientation"

SAVE condemned comments at Monday night's Kendall Federation candidates' forum from District 8 County Commissioner Lynda Bell that the proposal to protect Miami-Dade County residents from discrimination is about "lawsuits."

"The ordinance that was brought up...was sexual orientation and sexual preference, and that went way beyond anything that already exists on the books," claimed Bell, referring to her 2013 vote against the proposal. "We would have a problem and I was worried more about lawsuits than anything else."

Of course, Bell's claim was wrong, referencing two phrases, "sexual orientation" and "sexual preference," which didn't appear in the proposal. If opposing protections on the basis of sexual orientation was bad enough, she also claims that transgender protections exist, which is simply false.

What's most troubling is that Lynda Bell says she is more concerned with lawsuits than achieving full equal protections for Miami-Dade residents. It's why SAVE continues to work with Bell's fellow Miami-Dade leaders to achieve full protections, and it's yet another example of why District 8 residents deserves a pro-equality commissioner.

Earlier this year, SAVE Action PAC endorsed Bell's opponent Daniella Levine Cava in the election for the District 8 seat, which takes place on August 26.

Levine Cava is a local community activist and longtime Miami-Dade resident who has come out strongly in support of the nondiscrimination proposal Bell opposed in 2013, in addition to her support for the lawsuits aimed at overturning discriminatory measures banning same-sex marriage.

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