We are excited to announce we have hired Edward Martí Kring as our Community and Field Organizer to further SAVE’s 2020 strategic focus of community engagement and get-out-the-vote. By focusing on efforts to get-out-the-vote, SAVE returns to its core competency on which it has built its reputation and political power through grassroots organizing. This year presents a unique challenge and opportunity with the onset of the coronavirus and the need for social distancing.

This year SAVE will combine the use of social media and traditional approaches in deep canvassing to do its work in getting out the vote. We are looking at innovative mixed-methods in engaging volunteers to connect with voters through safe in-person canvassing, phone banking, and social media. But we can’t do it without your help! Become a SAVE Member today.

We have an urgent invitation for our community, please answer the call to courage before us by joining SAVE in doing the work it takes (safely from home) to elect pro-equality candidates to local and state offices -  human rights and our democracy needs us! You can sign up to volunteer here.

Yours in service,

Orlando Gonzales
Executive Director, SAVE

About Edward “Eddie” Martí Kring is an FSU Alumnus, lifelong community organizer and human rights advocate. Eddie and his mother escaped the Castro regime when he was six and relocated to Hialeah, FL. At the age of 16, after coming out to his family he survived an episode of homelessness before being adopted by a caring family in Naples, FL who offered him a loving and safe place to call home. Eddie brings to SAVE extensive community organizing experience which began in his early days of student activism in high school and college. His organizing experience also includes statewide coalition building on LGBTQ Equality as well as working to end homelessness in Florida’s Capital City. He enjoys rollerblading, cycling and loves spending time with his two Yorkies, Arjay and Shiloh (who are 13 years young).