Miami Shores City Council Endorsements

In connection with the April 9, 2013 Miami Shores City Council elections, the SAVE Dade Action PAC endorses the following candidates:

Jesse Walters


The SAVE Dade Action PAC endorses Jesse Walters in his run for reelection as Miami Shores Councilman. As Councilman, he sponsored a Domestic Partnership Policy allowing gays and lesbians employed by the Village to offer their partners health insurance benefits. He is an openly gay advocate for the LGBT community and the community at large.

For more information about Jesse Walters, visit his website by clicking HERE.

Ivonne Ledesma


The SAVE Dade Action PAC endorses Ivonne Ledesma for Miami Shores Councilwoman. She has a history of advocating for LGBT equality as a volunteer with organizations such as, Pridelines, the Alliance for GLBTQ Youth, and SAVE Dade. Ivonne is also a small business owner with a strong sense of community and civic service.

For more information about Ivonne Ledesma, visit her website by clicking HERE.

Jonas Georges


The SAVE Dade Action PAC endorses Jonas Georges for Miami Shores Councilman. Jonas Georges is a Haitian-American educator and minister who believes equality is the civil rights movement of our time. Jonas has lived in the village for over 20 years and will represent Miami Shores residents well and with integrity.

For more information about Jonas Georges, visit his website by clicking HERE.

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