North Bay Village BANS conversion therapy!


At the urging of SAVE, the North Bay Village Commission voted Tuesday night to PASS a ban on the abusive practice of so-called conversion therapy!

Thank you to all members of the Commission and to Mayor Connie Leon-Kreps, a longtime ally of SAVE and the LGBTQ community, for showing leadership in passing this especially critical proposal.

Tell your elected officials to join North Bay Village -- end the practice of so-called LGBTQ conversion "therapy" in Florida! Add your name here. >>


SAVE has helped pass conversion therapy bans in the City of Miami led by Commissioner Francis Suarez, in Bay Harbor Islands led by Mayor Jordan Leonard and Councilman Josh Fuller, in Miami Beach led by Commissioner John Aleman, in Wilton Manors led by Commissioner Justin Flippen and in El Portal led by Councilman Harold Mathis.

Further north, resulting from a lobbying effort by the Palm Beach County Human Rights Council, the cities of Riviera Beach, West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, and Boynton Beach have passed similar provisions in those jurisdictions, joining cities like North Bay Village in leading the nationwide movement to end this abusive practice.

Minors are especially vulnerable to the dangers of this sham "cure" for being LGBTQ, and the use of so-called conversion therapy has been linked to mental illness, drug use, and suicide.

SAVE is proud to partner with Miami Beach's own equality champion State Rep. David Richardson to pass HB 273, a bill to ban conversion therapy across Florida. It is accompanied in the Florida Senate by SB 578, sponsored by Sen. Jeff Clemens of Palm Beach.

The move is the latest in our campaign to outlaw so-called conversion therapy in Florida, which was spurred by the state legislature's failure last year to pass an identical ban.

Will you join our push to ban conversion therapy? Click HERE to join SAVE in demanding that elected officials across Florida outlaw this abusive practice. >>

This bold action was only possible because of engaged citizens like you making your voices heard. Thank you for your support.


Justin Klecha
Deputy Director

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