Obama issues executive order on employment discrimination

Today, the Obama administration issued an Executive Order banning employment discrimination by federal contractors on the basis of sexual orientation or gender expression.

This order will protect more than a million LGBT Americans employed by companies doing work for the federal government.

SAVE strongly agrees with the President's position that "all Americans, LGBT or not, should be treated with dignity and respect." However, while it's a huge step, in the 29 states like Florida with no workplace protections for LGBT workers, only those working for businesses doing work for the federal government will benefit from the order.

Stand TOGETHER with SAVE as we fight for protections from discrimination for ALL Floridian workers. Sign the petition today!

Until all South Floridian workers are protected, we will continue to advocate for all-inclusive anti-discrimination policies like the proposed update to Miami-Dade County’s Human Rights Ordinance, the Florida Competitive Workforce Act under consideration in the state legislature, and the Employee Non-Discrimination Act currently before the U.S. Congress.

The President’s action serves as an example to the states and municipalities where discrimination remains legal. In those places, like Miami-Dade County, the reality will persist that L, G, B, or T employees of businesses not contracting with the federal government will continue to have no legal recourse against discrimination.

Please stand TOGETHER with SAVE this critical election year to ensure protections from discrimination for ALL Floridian workers. Add your name now!

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