Public Education


On February 15, 2017, more than 100 supporters turned out for SAVE's first ever LGBTQ community townhall. They came with comments and concerns about politics and policy, and local leaders, litigators and officeholders were present to to answer any questions they had.

Thank you to State Representative David Richardson of Miami Beach for joining us via Skype to offer key insights on the latest from Tallahassee.

Thank you as well to attorneys Nancy Brodzki, Trelvis Randolph and Patricia Hernandez, and the ACLU of Florida's Kirk Bailey, for serving as panelists for this important public forum.

Watch a replay of the Facebook Live broadcast in its entirety below:

SAVE LGBTQ Community Townhall -- post your questions here!

Posted by SAVE on Wednesday, February 15, 2017

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  • johns berry
    commented 2019-01-23 00:52:04 -0500
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  • Geeka Gc
    commented 2018-06-03 12:56:59 -0400
    Public education includes basic education and i encourage parents to advice her children and not for private education.
  • William Morris
    commented 2017-05-11 07:12:58 -0400
    Public education includes basic education, kindergarten to twelfth grade which also known as primary and secondary education. These public education schools are fully funded by the government.
  • lauren ebsary
    commented 2017-04-19 01:50:29 -0400
    Its no longer. Its a social one. No wherein in the charter does it say humans have the right to an education. Public schools commenced in barns by way of 18th century farmers wives who knew a way to study and write. At one time our public faculties were awesome. However in the remaining 40yrs they have got gone manner down hill to the factor its now not approximately coaching children beneficial skills to put together them for the actual world. Its became more of an area to educate them to be ok with themselves even if they’re failing each elegance.
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