Safeguarding SAVE Members and Our Community

We hope you are safe and healthy. There’s no doubt our daily lives have been impacted.  It is certainly not business as usual despite our transition to work from home.  We are bracing ourselves as we continue to understand the full impact of the coronavirus.

We need collective efforts.

The novel coronavirus continues to evolve rapidly, and the course of its future is in our hands. While it’s unclear where things will go next, we do know from epidemiologist that reining in the outbreak requires our collective efforts:

  • To stay healthy and prevent the spread of the virus
  • To support the health system, which includes all the first responders, clinicians, healthcare professionals and public officials by helping reduce the burden and increase the focus on the most vulnerable

Additionally, safeguarding our members is important to us so we are writing you to share information, tips and resources to keep top of mind:

Follow the top recommendations from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) urging all Americans to[i]:

  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Self-isolate when you’re sick or suspect that you might be
  • Start "social distancing" (essentially, avoiding other people whenever possible immediately

The CDC is updating their guidelines as they continue to learn more.  Click here for updated information.

Call your loved ones to check-in and say hello.  Your friends and family may need some encouragement from you to stay home and take the pandemic more seriously.  Also, they may be experiencing anxiety and isolation during this time. Older adults and people living alone may feel especially isolated and in need of support.  Consider using Facetime, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, Duo or other video technologies to combat the feeling of isolation.

Local news is available through The Miami Herald for free.  The subscription requirement has been lifted for all news related to coronavirus so you can follow the latest developments on the virus and how it affects your life in South Florida. Here’s a link to access all the relevant information in one place. 

Check out this page from the Miami Herald if you need resources:

Lost your job? Need food? Internet? These places can help during the coronavirus crisis.

We remain committed to our focus on the 2020 elections to make sure we get pro-equality candidates elected. We are especially keen on making sure we do all we can to elect a pro-equality president who can lead and stabilize daily living; and to restore LGBTQ human rights in our country. We will make every effort to use data, scientifically proven methods, and innovative technologies to get out the vote like our life depends on it—because quite frankly it does. 

Many thanks for your continuous support of Safeguarding American Values for Everyone. Remember while you are socially distancing yourself, you are not alone. We have banned together many times in the past over local, state, national, and global matters related to our health and human rights.  Let’s do it again -- in solidarity with our LGBTQ and allied community.

Yours in service,

Orlando Gonzales
Executive Director, SAVE

[i] [i]


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