SAVE Action PAC Endorses in 2017 Miami Beach Races

SAVE Action PAC announced today it has endorsed three candidates in the upcoming race: Dan Gelber for Mayor, Mark Samuelian for Commissioner in group two and Michael Gongora for Commissioner in group three.


Dan is no stranger to LGBTQ issues. As a State Representative from 2000 to 2008, he fought hard in Tallahassee for anti-discrimination laws and against Amendment 2. Dan understands the importance of diversity and equality and plans to work closely with SAVE to continue to make Miami Beach a nationwide leader in equality.    


“I am honored to be endorsed by SAVE Action PAC. As Mayor I look forward to ensuring that our City continues to be a leader in the advancement of LGBTQ rights. I appreciate SAVE Action PAC’s commitment to these important ideals and am grateful for their support.” says Dan Gelber.

SAVE has also endorsed pro equality candidate, Mark Samuelian and openly gay candidate, Michael Gongora, who are running for Commissioner in groups two and three respectively. Both candidates have a track record of supporting LGBTQ issues in the community.

SAVE invites you to cast your vote for these candidates on November 7th.

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