Statement on Passage of Florida Bill Preempting Earned Sick Time

"This is a bad bill that could've been worse for the LGBT community" - CJ Ortuño

SAVE Dade condemns the passage of HB 655 which preempts local governments from affording hard working Floridians Earned Sick Time. Thankfully an amendment preserving Miami-Dade County procurement ordinances was inserted into the bill averting a catastrophe for local LGBT communities. This amendment protects laws known as Equal Benefits ordinances which stipulate that contractors hired by local governments must offer benefits to same sex domestic partners.

SAVE Dade considers it a troubling development that the Florida legislature is meddling in local affairs. We urge Governor Scott to stop the state legislature's overreach into the business of local government and to veto the bill.

SAVE Dade and the ACLU of Florida worked to protect the LGBT community from being affected by this bill. We would like to thank State Senators Simmons, Margolis, Ring, and State Representative Richardson for their efforts to protect the local LGBT Community, as well as Miami Dade delegates who opposed the bill. In addition we would like to thank progressive coalitions that contributed to the effort.

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