AG Bondi: stay out of the marriage equality case!

Yesterday, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi told reporters that, if asked, she will intervene on behalf of the opposition to the same-sex marriage lawsuit brought by six Miami-Dade gay and lesbian couples.

We discourage any attempt by leaders in state government to intervene in the lawsuit in order to delay the arrival of marriage equality in Florida.

Elections have consequences. Luckily, 2014 is an election year, so we'll have the opportunity to hold Attorney General Bondi accountable for her anti-equality stance as we approach Election Day.

Recent opinion polls have shown support for full marriage equality steadily increasing. The most recent poll, issued by the firm Public Policy Polling, found that more Floridians support legalization of same-sex marriage than oppose it.

Help elect a pro-equality Attorney General and Governor this November!
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