Miami Beach Tax Equity Petition

Will you sign?

On Wednesday, June 5th, the Miami Beach City Commission will vote on enacting a first-of-its-kind Tax Equity Ordinance that would finally treat gay and lesbian city employees in domestic partnerships the same as opposite-sex married couples. 

Current federal policy forces employers to charge their employees in same- or opposite-sex domestic partnerships extra taxes on health insurance. This is is real money that can sometimes lead to lost wages upwards of $1,000 a year.  If it passes, the new policy would reimburse city employees in domestic partnerships for those extra taxes. 

I am signing this petition to show my support for equality and to demand that the Miami Beach City Commission vote in favor of tax equity for employees in domestic partnerships.  I believe that we must keep the City of Miami Beach moving forward.

Available Wednesday, June 5th at 11:30AM? Help ensure the passage of tax equity in Miami Beach by showing up to the city commission meeting in person as a volunteer with SAVE Dade! Sign up here!

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