Today We Dust Off, Rise Up and Continue to Fight

As we wake up this morning, let us celebrate the change that took place across our beautiful country last night. Although we may be feeling the sting of painful losses, there are silver linings that fuel our hope and move us forward. 

A group of more than one hundred diverse women was elected to Congress, including our own Donna Shalala and Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, and we won the House back, ensuring the checks and balances set forth in our Constitution. These are all strides to be celebrated among others: Colorado has its first openly gay Governor, the first openly gay Native American House member was elected, and Massachusetts voters passed a ballot measure that protects our transgender family. 

We worked tirelessly in Florida and despite Mayor Gillum's narrow loss and some defeats in other key races, we've achieved major strides on behalf of you and our community, with several wins ushering in continued progress and inspiration. From the restoration of voting rights to disenfranchised individuals to Congressional upsets and solid wins in the Legislature, coupled by successful elections of strong candidates at the Municipal level, our movement is fortified and continues to strengthen throughout South Florida. 

Below please find the listing of those with whom we celebrate today. 


As Mayor Gillum said in his concession speech, "we spoke truth to power, we stood strong and what we believe in and what we stand for, still holds true today."  I couldn’t agree more with Mayor Gillum. Although his loss and others losses are painful, we dust off, rise up and move forward with more determination to promote, protect and defend the ideals and principles that unite us: integrity, equality, decency, and justice. Now more than ever, we have to assemble and work harder in preparation for 2020. 

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for supporting and being a part of the monumental work SAVE committed to and completed during this election cycle. A huge thank you to the hundreds of magnificent and reliable volunteers who canvassed and phone-banked tirelessly with us, to our generous and gracious donors that made the vital work possible; we could not have done this without you. And finally, I want to recognize our persevering staff and board who have been going non-stop for months. I am so proud of what we have achieved in 2018, and the work continues.

In community and in gratitude, 

Tony Lima
Executive Director, SAVE

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