Trans teen wins homecoming queen, faces onslaught of hate and cyberbullying

Last Friday, transgender teen Cassidy Campbell made history by being named the first transgender homecoming queen in Orange County, California. Cassidy was well aware of the symbolism of a potential crowning.

"I realized it wasn’t for me anymore and I was doing this for so many people all around the county and the state and possibly the world and I am so proud to win this not just for me, but everyone out there,” she was quoted as saying by local news station KTLA.

Unfortunately, Cassidy did not have much time to bask in the glow of her surprise win. By the end of the night, she was in tears over what she said were “judgmental” and “hateful” comments leveled at her by those who disapproved of her gender identity.

After posting a tearful video decrying her treatment by bigots and haters, the cyberbullying did not stop. One commenter on the video said "OH PLEASE DIE OF AIDS YOU F***ING F*G!!!!!!!!" Another said, "please commit suicide, it won't hurt to [sic] much and the world would be better."

Thankfully, supportive comments vastly outnumbered bigoted ones, and most hateful comments were either flagged by YouTube users as spam, hidden from view for receiving too many negative votes, or removed altogether for violating YouTube's terms of use, which prohibit hate speech.

Mara Keisling of the National Center for Transgender Equality sent out an email to followers this morning asking those who believe in acceptance and respect to send Cassidy messages of support.

SAVE Dade also asks our supporters to join in the chorus of support for Cassidy. Please sign the NCTE petition today, and help us send the message that attacking transgender people, and especially our young people, is unacceptable.

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