Transgender-inclusive HRO update PASSED!!

We're overjoyed to announce that the Miami-Dade County Commission has just PASSED nondiscrimination protections for people who are transgender!

A HUGE thank you to Chairwoman Rebeca Sosa; co-sponsors Sally Heyman, Audrey Edmonson, Bruno Barreiro, Barbara Jordan, and Daniella Levine Cava; and their peers Xavier Suarez and incoming Chairman Jean Monestime for voting to PASS this critical measure.

Today, our voices were heard and equality prevailed at long last. With the Commission's action today, those of us who are transgender no longer have to fear being outed at work, because now we can all live with the confidence in mind that it's illegal to fire us just for being who we are.

It's a truly historic moment not just for those of us who are transgender, but also for all of South Florida, for the LGBT community and for the American values that it's SAVE's mission to defend.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank our dedicated supporters like YOU who stood up and made your voice heard in support of equality for all. Without you standing side by side with SAVE through it all, we could never have achieved this historic win.

So again, thank you for everything you've done. This isn't just a win for those of us who are transgender -- trans or not, this is YOUR win.

Never forget what the power of people can accomplish. There's no one we'd rather be standing TOGETHER with as we work to promote, protect, and defend these new nondiscrimination protections going forward.

 Help us keep up the momentum for equality as we defend these new protections!


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