Led by Commissioner Ken Russell, the City of Miami just passed a resolution to file an amicus brief in the Otto vs The City of Boca Raton case. This is fantastic news as we prepare to appeal the harmful ruling from the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals struck down our local conversion therapy bans in November.

The resolution would authorize the City of Miami to file an amicus curiae brief on the case if the defendant municipalities seek a rehearing as well as any subsequent proceedings before the Supreme Court of the United States. Over the past week, as we prepared for this resolution, we’ve been recruiting additional cities from around the county to prepare to join the City of Miami’s brief.

While the city of Boca Raton is still determining how to proceed, it has a few options including asking for a rehearing before the full circuit, going to trial, and depending on the decisions the case could eventually end up in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Regardless of the route, this case takes, one thing is for sure – our work is not done. Pitch in today and become a SAVE Member to help us to continue to fight for equality in 2021. Become a Member today.