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Volunteering with SAVE is the core of who we are: a community united for human rights. Although many advances have been made to secure human rights for our LGBTQ families, the community still faces ongoing attacks which threaten to roll back hard won basic protections. SAVE's work focuses on ensuring LGBTQ justice is won at the local and state level. Our community is no stranger to the devastating impacts of homophobia and transphobia that lead to anti-LGBTQ policies. Our work is done by volunteers like you giving their time and treasure to mobilize voters, elect pro-equality candidates, and educate the public about the issues impacting the LGBTQ community.

Our 2021 priorities include:
  • Fighting hunger in our communities via food distributions
  • Defeating religious-based attacks on LGBTQ youth
  • Countering misinformation campaigns designed to undermine our democracy
  • Working to elect pro-equality candidates in key municipalities
The solution is simple, you are how we can defeat hateful legislation targeting the LGBTQ community. Through volunteer led grassroots mobilization, there's a path to continued victories at the local and state level. Virtual phonebanks and in-person canvassing remain critical towards electing pro-equality candidates. Although, we elected the most pro-equality administration ever in 2020, we must continue the momentum into 2021, and beyond.
It's going to take all of us to win, but as a team we can make full LGBTQ equality a reality.