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On June 26, we made history.


This past Friday evening, we gathered at SAVE HQ to celebrate the Supreme Court's momentous ruling making the freedom to marry the law of the land. The sight of all of our beautiful LGBTQ and allied friends, family, and community leaders gathered together was truly one to behold.

Please take a moment to savor this win -- because the fight for equality is just getting started.

Unfortunately, for many Floridians, celebrating this ruling means taking a risk: LGBTQ people can still be fired in many parts of Florida just because of who they are. Despite the ruling on the freedom to marry, there are still no explicit federal or statewide laws that protect LGBTQ Floridians from discrimination.

Being fired for marrying the person you love -- can you imagine?

At SAVE, #TeamEquality is gearing up for the next phase in the fight for equality -- protecting our newly-won rights from those who would wish to take them away.

This includes securing passage of the Florida Competitive Workforce Act (which would protect LGBTQ Floridians from employment discrimination) and defeating several mean-spirited proposals to criminalize the transgender community.

Click here to read SAVE's #TeamEquality Game Plan to learn more about the work that remains to secure comprehensive non-discrimination protections for LGBTQ Floridians.

From securing workplace nondiscrimination protections for all Floridians to defending the human rights of the transgender community -- the way forward is clear.

I hope you will join #TeamEquality as we redouble our efforts towards achieving full equality for LGBTQ Floridians.

Thank you for your support!

Want to help put #TeamEquality's plan into action? We need funds to do it!

Help SAVE's #TeamEquality secure a win for ALL Floridians by donating now! >>


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