Become a Member of SAVE!


The Guardians: $1,200 - $10,000+/year

SAVE’s Guardians are a community of philanthropists with a focus on equality, social justice advocacy, and charitable giving. They are the leaders in the LGBTQ community that are the front line of defense in the fight for equality.

Bumper Sticker, Mailing Labels, T-Shirt, 4 Exclusive Events, 2 one-on-one Meetings with the Executive Director, Bi-monthly Guardian Report

Inner Circle - $834/monthly or $10,000 one time gift
Angel - $417/monthly or $5,000 one time gift
Defender - $208/monthly or $2,500 one time gift
Guardian - $100/monthly or $1,200 one time gift

Guardian Monthly Guardian Annually


The Sentinels: $150 - $600/year

SAVE's Sentinels is a young professional network with an emphasis on promoting equality and philanthropic giving. This is the next generation of LGBTQ leaders and their allies

Benefits: Bumper Sticker, T-Shirt, 2 Exclusive Events

Angel -
$50/monthly or $600 one time gift
Sentinel - $25/monthly or $300 one time gift
Activist - $12.50/monthly or $150 one time gift

Sentinel Monthly Sentinel Annually


The Advocates: $35 - $75/year

The Advocates are entry-level members of SAVE that help fuel grassroots actions through their donations and volunteer involvement.

Benefits: Bumper Sticker

Ally - $6.25/monthly or $75 one time gift
Advocate - $2.92/month or $35 one time gift

Advocates Monthly Advocates Annually