We are excited to launch Miami Beach Cares today, a transformative endeavor generously funded by the City of Miami Beach. The heart of the initiative, www.MiamiBeachCare.lgbt, stands as a robust public resource and educational guide for individuals, families and allies seeking valuable insights, community, and dedicated services related to LGBTQ+ issues.

Recent studies underscore the disproportionate challenges faced by LGBTQ+ youth in the realm of mental health, highlighting the need for accessible and suitable support. Miami Beach Cares serves LGBTQ+ youth and their allies by providing an extensive directory that includes multiple organizations committed to championing the LGBTQ+ community throughout Miami Beach and Miami-Dade County.

We're grateful to the City of Miami Beach for funding this project and helping us support LGBTQ+ youth, students, parents and allies This launch coincides with Suicide Prevention Awareness Month in September, serving as a poignant reminder of the pressing need to safeguard our community, especially LGBTQ+ youth. Miami Beach Cares aligns with SAVE's ongoing commitment to advocacy and community support. Having a sense of belonging and finding community can save lives and serve as a haven for those seeking care or embarking on their personal LGBTQ+ journeys.

Check out the resources at www.MiamiBeachCares.lgbt.