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    STOP #HB583


    30 signatures

    Dear Representative _________________,

    I, _____________________, strongly urge you to OPPOSE the discriminatory HB583 proposal currently under consideration in the Florida House of Representatives.

    HB583 would criminalize access to public facilities for transgender Floridians. HB583 is a misguided, mean-spirited, and incendiary bill which targets transgender Floridians just for being who they are. It's not who we are as Floridians, and per the U.S. Constitution, it's not who we are as Americans.

    If passed, HB583 would be unconstitutional, and furthermore it would invite all types of frivolous litigation by those looking to use the measure as a means to discriminate against not only transgender Floridians, but also those who refuse to discriminate against them.

    HB583 would be a disaster for our state, driving away visitors and hurting our economy which depends so much on opening our arms to the world's tourists.

    For the above stated reasons, and additionally for many more reasons not stated here, I urge you to OPPOSE HB583.

    By working together, we can make Florida a better place for everyone. Thank you for your consideration.



    Will you sign?

  • What's New

    This weekend's trans justice canvass recap


    This past Saturday, March 21st SAVE had another hugely successful canvassing event in Miami at Florida International University. We are SO proud of the turn out and we can't wait for the next action!

    “I’m here today because I believe in equality and you can’t just believe in something and not fight for it,” said Alex, one of the 40+ excited volunteers that attended the canvass. “What’s the point of believing in it if you’re not going to do something about it?”

    We totally agree Alex! That’s why we’re doing what we’re doing.

    The main purpose of the canvass was to inform voters about the need for protections from discrimination for transgender Floridians, and the danger of proposals like HB 583.

    HB583 is a bill currently under consideration in Florida's legislature which criminalizes access to public facilities by transgender individuals. The proposal is ill-informed and mean-spirited, and it works to undo local protections from discrimination for transgender people like the one SAVE helped pass in December 2014.


    It all started at around 9:30AM and the volunteers were briefed and taught more about the bill, why they’re there, and how to speak with voters about this cause. SAVE organizers Charo Valero & Justin Klecha were accompanied by organizers Steve Deline, Justine Gonzalez, Ella Barrett, and Virginia Escobar from the Los Angeles LGBT Center's Leadership LAB.

    Along with the National LGBTQ Task force, the Leadership LAB has partnered with SAVE this year on a pioneer project aimed at figuring out how to best reach voters when it comes to transgender equality.

    The canvassing took place in different parts of Miami -- Coral Gables, The Roads, and Coral Gate. Volunteers went door to door to speak about HB 583 and about how this affects the transgender community in hopes to change the perspectives of voters about what it means to be transgender and why it's important for cities and counties to protect their transgender residents from discrimination.


    Canvassers came back at around 3PM. Their hard work had totally paid off and the total results consisted of over 100 conversations with Miami-Dade voters. Way to go SAVE!

    Our next transgender prejudice reduction canvass is on Saturday, April 11. Join us!


    A big THANK YOU to all the volunteers who came this past Saturday. We’re one step ahead in fighting transphobia. Be sure to share your photos/videos on Twitter and Instagram using #TeamEquality.



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  • 2015 Endorsements

    Local policies affect our day-to-day lives -- and that's why it's so important to elect pro-equality leaders.

    Elections are coming up on April 14, 2015 in Miami Shores and Coral Gables. This is your chance to make your voice heard in favor of equality!

    Scroll down to view the candidates playing for #TeamEquality.

    SAVE Action PAC is proud to endorse the following candidates in the April 14, 2015 Miami Shores Village Council Elections:

    Ivonne Ledesma
    for Miami Shores Village Council

    Steve Zelkowitz
    for Miami Shores Village Council

    Sean Brady
    for Miami Shores Village Council

    SAVE Action PAC is proud to endorse the following candidates in the April 14, 2015 City of Coral Gables General Municipal Elections:

    Ralph Cabrera
    for Coral Gables Mayor / City Commission - Group I

    Sandra Murado
    for Coral Gables City Commission - Group V

    These candidates received SAVE Action PAC's endorsement after a rigorous vetting process conducted by members of the local LGBT community.

    They've been equality-approved by people just like you, and we're confident they'll make us proud if elected to serve their communities.

    Skip the lines! Vote by mail!

    The deadline to request an absentee ballot is April 8. Click here to check your voter registration status and request an absentee ballot. >>


    Thanks for your support!
    Go #TeamEquality!!



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  • Our worst fears confirmed


    UPDATE: HB 583 has cleared its first hurdle towards becoming law in Florida -- the Civil Justice Subcommittee of the Florida House of Representatives has voted to move forward on consideration of this bill. Contact your legislators! Click here to tell them to vote NO on moving forward with HB 583.

    We hate to break the news, but our worst fears have been confirmed: the Florida legislature will move forward on HB 583, a bill criminalizing use of public facilities by transgender Floridians.

    After a two-year battle, SAVE won transgender nondiscrimination protections in Miami-Dade County last December. This proposal would not only undo that measure, but it would also undo similar laws in cities and counties throughout Florida.

    YOU can help stop this absurd attack on LGBT Floridians. How?

    1. Send our advocates to Tallahassee!

    We need to raise $5,800 to cover travel and housing for our team of trans advocates. Will you help us?

     GIVE HERE >> 

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